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Beauty Tech Spa specilizes in laser hair removal. We use the upmost laser hair removal in the industry, Candela Gentle MAX/PRO. We are located on 224 HARVARD ST, BROOKLINE, MA @ Alexander Salon.


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If you are considering laser, you must come here! I’ve gone to another spa before knowing about this place, and there is a world of difference. Lana, the laser specialist, is fantastic! She gets the job done well, makes sure to remind you about not taking antibiotics and staying out of the sun with treatments. She’s super friendly, always making you feel comfortable throughout the session by making conversation and giving you breaks if you need it. As for my hair growth, I have gotten several different treatment areas done here because I saw results quickly and it worked! I am dedicated to loyalty to this place (yes it’s worth it!) and Lana is always so very understanding that stuff happens.  I usually haven’t had to wait for very long to be seen.  During treatments Lana covers you, gives you eye protecting googles, and even a little stress ball with a happy face on it. This little guy is your best friend, willing to be squeezed and hugged to help you get through (though Lana is so amazing it barely hurts at all).

Marym M.

I am italian so my hair was awful to shave and even worse to wax. This place has completely changed my hair growth. I keep going back for more and more body areas and am very happy with the results. After one treatment, my hair was growing back finer. It does hurt a little, but no more than waxing did. I went back for 9 more treatments, but like I said I had terrible hair to start, and it hurt less and less each time. Lana is the nicest woman ever! She is so sweet and makes it so comfortable.  I’ll never go back to the spa for waxing. Thank you!

Melissa M.

Lana is highly professional with great personal touch. Highly recommend to anyone!

Sean M.

Initially bought a deal through Livingsocial, which was a package of 6 sessions. I started noticing drastic changes in hair reduction after my 1st treatment. I’ve had other laser treatments before where they don’t use the right laser and you don’t see any results (which is the case with IPL lasers) but this place is right on and after my 6th treatment, I had 90% hair loss.  Lana is wonderful and very knowledgeable, and super friendly. Highly recommend, especially because of Lana’s knowledge and professionalism.

C D.

This place is REALLY GREAT!  Super fast, very professional, and always accommodating.  Lana’s the BEST!  I’ve never been disappointed, and I’m sure you won’t be either.

Mark E.

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